Research & Quality Control Unit :
Asia Cutting & Grinding Wheels Research and Quality Control Unit, as the first holder of the national standard mark of Iran and also the holder of the largest and most equipped cutting & grinding wheels quality control laboratories in the IRAN, thanks to the efforts and perseverance of experienced specialists and experts and extensive laboratory facilities in addition innovation in design and production, continuous monitoring to maintain and improve the quality of products produced by this company.
Experts of the Asia Cutting & Grinding Wheels Research Unit, using the most modern equipment in mechanics and chemistry laboratories, have the ability to analyze and formulate to produce various types of cutting and grinding wheels in accordance with the specialized alloys required in different industrie.
Also, the quality of raw materials and specialized tests to evaluate the quality of cutting and grinding wheels based on the certificate of the National Standard Organization of Iran and in accordance with European standards and the national standard of Iran have been comprehensively performed in the laboratories of the Asia Cutting & Grinding Wheels Quality Control Unit And the products enter the packaging and warehouse after the final quality approval.

Different stages of Quality Control :

• Chemical analysis of raw materials with advanced systems
• Control of structure and mechanical properties of cutting and grinding wheels
• Sampling to control appearance, dimensions and thickness
• Weight balance control of products at different stages of manufacturing
• Balancing test
• Measurement of side-runout
• Hardness grade test
• Quality review in terms of grinding ratio & cutting ratio
• Rotation & safety test