In 1995, the Asia Cutting & Grinding Wheels Co. had been set up to produce the cutting and grinding wheels together with the special-type products in IRN.-Mashhad, which currently has the following units:


1-Cutting and grinding wheels,
2-Special-type products,
4-Research and quality control (QC), and,
Nowadays, the Asia Cutting & Grinding Wheels Co. is proud to be in the vanguard of cutting and grinding wheel production in IRN. The reason behind this victory is outlined as follows:
- Certificate of appreciation, The best IRN. young Manager, 2017.
- Certificate of appreciation, The best manufacturer of the year, 2013 and 2014 and 2018.
- Certificate of appreciation, The best national industrial company, 2013,2018 and 2019.
- Certificate of appreciation, The top industrial brand, 2014-2018.
Above all, the major technological achievements of the company are listed as follows:
- ISO 9001-2000, URS (UK),
- ISO 50001, CCPL (Germany),
- ISO 10006, Alliance (US),
- ISO 9001-2008, NQA (UK),
- ISO 9001, TUV (Germany),
- ISO 9001-2008, BRS (US),
- CE Certification, and,
- IRN. National Standard Organization (INSO) Certification.
Nowadays, the special-type products unit plays an important role in producing the cutting and grindings wheels for various industries (e.g., casting, steel, rail etc.) by employing advanced technologies.